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No matter the size of your estate, with or without a will it is OK to be a smart, thrifty, responsible executor when you need to probate or administer an estate in Alberta.
Executors and Beneficiaries do not regret teaming up with us, for mutual reasons.

Why we're qualified to provide estate services to you and your family!  

10+ years of specialized work in preparing applications for certified grants and more.  Our excellent affordability, professional service and work ethics have been coined our trademark by former clients. 

From start to finish as your probate coach, we simplify your duties when needing to wrap-up a loved one's estate.  We can prepare and complete your application so that you can obtain a certified grant from the Justice of the Court in the most timely manner.
It is our experience that executors take their new responsibilities seriously but find their unfamiliar duties overwhelming and daunting. Understanding intestate estates, especially for blended families can be confusing.

Our solution Team-up with us when you need to probate in Alberta, we help you wrap-up a loved one's estate at a fraction of the cost expected elsewhere.

My last will.  Estate work with a probate coach.Executors: No matter where you live in the world if you have an estate in Alberta our services and our free executor's guide may be the best immediate help for you.

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Testimonials confirm our valuable services.

"My experience with Carolyn was amazing... I could not believe how confusing resealing probate could be. I honestly could not have done this without her. She carefully walked me through the process step by step and made sure everything was done correctly. 
Thank you for making this potentially very confusing and expensive process extremely easy and affordable."   J.M.


"Carolyn provides a very much needed service, by assisting with this process that would normally prove to be intimidating and daunting for most people, especially during such stressful times, and when so many other things require the executor’s attention as well.  As stated, she helps demystify the entire probate process and guides you gently through each step until you are ready to submit.  It actually felt empowering.  Once started, you learn there is nothing to feel intimidated or anxious about.  I imagine you don't need a lawyer to complete this task, nor do you need to pay their exorbitant fees for something most people are capable of doing themselves, especially with Probate Coach's help!  You are patiently walked through each step, one at a time, so nothing feels overwhelming."


"We are grateful to have found Carolyn to assist us when my mom passed away.  Having a probate coach made the whole process of handling my mom's will simpler for us, without the need to go through a costly attorney.  Her knowledge and experience guided us through each step and we were relieved to get it all taken care of, with someone personable to call whenever we needed help.  It was convenient to work with Carolyn through phone and Email communication, without needing to travel for appointments.  Thank you, for your great assistance and support."  A.B



Free 30 Minute General Consultation
(Executors soon learn, a call to us is one of their best calls prior to working on an estate)


Let us demystify your estate duties with a quick phone call. 

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  Skype: Carolyn.lawrence98