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Executor's Need-To-Know 
Estate-Planning Workshop
Protect your loved ones, as only you can!

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Some things are not meant to be delayed, 
wouldn't you agree?

Be in control of your important life matters.  
Register today for one of our 4 quarterly estate workshops.

1st Qtr.  Personal Directive, Enduring Power of Attorney & Holograph and Will Kit.
2nd Qtr. 12 easy steps to creating your won Estate Planning Binder.
3rd Qtr. How the executors' fiduciary duties tie into the Alberta Estate Rules.
4th Qtr. Understanding the Intestate Act in Alberta - departing without a will, can affect your blended family.

D.I.Y. Estate Planning (with a little help from an estate coach.)
Estate Planning for executors with a probate coach.

Families can contact us as their probate coach for estate work.At By-Your-Side Probate Services we know that every estate is different in one way or another.  Only you know how you want to plan out your estate affairs to best suit your family’s needs.  We coach you through what matters most to you.

Our effective method of estate coaching and preparation work immediately reduces any confusion you may have about Alberta Estate Rules. 
Estate Planning for executors with the help of a probate coach.

one-on-one meetings

one on one meeting for executors with a probate coach.

Small family groups or work groups can hire a probate coach.

small or large group meetings

For:  individuals, families, work groups, church groups, social groups, associations and more.)

What you will gain:  friendly step-by-step guidance for your estate planning needs.

Estate planning is not meant to be delayed.
Did you know in Alberta your D.I.Y. estate or application papers are acceptable by the courts when done right?  Let our specialized services help you make them right.

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Estate planning for groups.

"Some things are not meant to be delayed...

Estate planning for baby.

estate planning is one of them."

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