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Best Probate Coach in Alberta

Alberta's probate coach since 2008We knowthat many executors needing to wrap-up a loved one's estate really are looking for thebest probate coachinstead of an estate lawyer to assist them in their fiduciary executor's duties.  They want great service and great prices.

Why we're qualified to be yourbest probate coach,to provide estate services to you and your family!

Executor's needing to wrap-up a loved one's estate.
  1. 10+ years of specialized professional experience in preparing applications for certified grants and more.
  2. Our excellent affordability


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Probate Coach Services for Alberta
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What Executor's need-to-know when wrapping up a loved one's estate.


If you are placing the executor’s guide with yourwill, we are sure the person(s) you are choosing will protect your estate according to your written wishes to the best of their ability.  Most executors typically are fulfilling their duties for the very first time; placing our simplified executor’s guide with yourwillis a sure way to help the future executor(s) carry out his/her fiduciary duties.
Executors appointed to oversee a loved one’s estate may not be aware of all of their duties; many do not know the following:

Order Your Executor's Guide Today!

When you go to our website it is there that you can order our Free Executor's Guide.  We mail them out within two business days.

Send us an Email to see if we can be of service to you and your estate matters.

Estate Planning 101-W.P.P.

For the love-of-your family and peace-of-mind.

Since 2008, after approximately 10 years of working with Executors in Alberta, I have learned two very important lessons. 

1.  Many families are unprepared from an estate point-of-view for when the unexpected happens.

2.  Estate planning can be a very low priority for many people/families regardless of age or income dynamics.

My experience in working in the industry has shown me that most families regret not being (estate-planning-ready) when accidents, illness or even death occurs.